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Black Dick Xxx Blacks On Blondes Planetsuzy Melissa managed to brush her teeth and remove the taste of Deputy Brown's sperm from her mouth just before Big Al got home. She was horny and needed to feel her husband's penis inside her. Big Al had a surprised look on his face when she practically attacked him and threw him on the bed. ********** He smelled of sweat and beer. She felt squashed underneath his fat torso. Big Al's beer belly was like a barrier between their two bodies and it was so large that only the head of his little penis was sliding in and out of her pussy. Not that it mattered, women didn't enjoy sex, they just used it to get what they wanted from a man. Still, as she thought of the twelve inch black cock that she had been forced to suck on earlier, Melissa got the strangest feeling that she was missing out on something. Damn! She felt like she was going to suffocate. Why wasn't Big Al done yet? He normally only lasted a couple minutes. It must be the booze, she reasoned. Melissa wrapped her long, lean legs around his hairy back and screamed, "That's it baby, fuck me, fuck meeeee." Talking dirty always made him orgasm. "You're the best Big Al," she cried. Melissa felt his little penis jerk as he came. She couldn't feel his semen inside her and his load was never enough to bother cleaning up. Not that she could of if she wanted to, she thought hearing him snore. The fat bastard had passed out on top of her. ********** Melissa fixed herself a cup of coffee the next morning. Big Al had a hangover and was having a little trouble getting moving that morning. Her head didn't feel all that good either. When she had finally squeezed out from under her husband, she had spent the night tossing and turning. She was horny and frustrated. Melissa tried to concentrate on work, but the image of Deputy Browns fat cock dangling before her face kept popping into her mind. The more she thought about what he had made her do, the hornier she had gotten. Her nipples had popped out and her thighs were soaked with her juices as she tried to sleep, but instead kept dwelling on the events of last night. The lack of sleep had made her hangover worse and she was in a horrible mood. What kind of a man would blackmail a woman into a blow job? Nobody humiliated Melissa Davidson and got away with it. She had to get revenge, but how? Melissa needed to take her mind off of Deputy Brown and her throbbing head for a while. Al had left a folder on the table. She reached over and opened it. The folder was a recent sheriff's department inventory list. Her well trained eye quickly scanned the figures, noting several descrepancies. Several handguns, a shotgun, and a lot of ammo were missing. "What are you doing?" The voice startled Melissa. Big Al had finally gotten out of bed. "Al," she said still looking at the papers, "How come you didn't tell me you're missing some guns?" "How do you know that?" he asked. "I budgeted out the money to buy them, remember," she answered. "I have to inform city council." "No!" he said forcibly, then he explained. "You might interfere with an on going investigation." "Who do you think did it?" "Isn't it odvious?" the sheriff said. "Its got to be the black guy." I love your big black cock, flashed into her mind. She shook her head to clear it and said, "Deputy Brown? Yes, that makes sense. You going to arrest him?" "As soon as we get the evidence. I'm trying to get a warrant to search his apartment." "I'll talk Sam into writing up a warrant." Her cousin, the judge, got as flustered as any man around her. She knew she wouldn't have any trouble getting what she wanted from him. Here was Blacks On Blondes Planetsuzy and in fact horny. Perhaps we could both find us a couple of studs, after all, his sissy ass wasn't pleasing me. So with his agreement, I would be in total charge and what I said goes, I agreed. The next day we headed out for the sluttiest of merchants and soon had Des decked from head to toe in pure slut wear. Five inch black fuck me pumps, black pantyhose, a corset to give him some curve, fake silicone tits with protruding nipples, a short skin tight hot pink nearly see thru mini and a lovely silk black blouse that showed plenty of his lacy bra. The crowning jewel was a sassy long blonde wig. The saleslady was more than willing to let him change from biker boy to biker slut right there in the store. I knew having him shave, head to toe, before we left was the right idea. All left now was a makeover and nails. Once paid, I took great delight at the ridicule he got strutting down the street to the nearest beauty parlor. For Keira Kensley Blacks On Cougars Massive Black Cock off his twelve inch cock and it seemed to glow with power. Melissa parted her lips and placed them on the tip of his cock, before opening her mouth around the fat black head of his penis. She attacked his cock, convincing herself that the better she did the sooner he would want to move to the bed, where she could grab the revolver. She twirled her tongue around the crown and licked up and down the length of his hard rod. Mellisa lifted up his cock and looked at his big balls. She hefted them in her hands, feeling how heavy they were. No wonder he came so much the last time, she thought, comparing his to her husband's shrunken little testicles. Melissa relaxed her jaws and tried to suppress her gag reflex, before returning her mouth to the head. She licked and kissed it before swallowing about half of his cock into her mouth. Denny looked down a the beautiful woman sucking on his dick. She looked so prim and proper with her long blonde hair up in a bun and her dark glasses perched on her nose. He was amazed at how good she was at sucking cock, seeing her swallow six, eight, ten, then all twelve inches as his pubic hairs tickled her nose. She was completely focused and it was like nothing else mattered to her, but sucking on his cock. He said, "I don't hear you telling me how much you love it," and his words seemed to awaken her from a trance. Melissa jumped when she heard him and remembered where she was. She squeezed her lips around his cock and slowly slid it out of her mouth. She caught her breath for a couple seconds, before speaking. "I love sucking on your big black cock," she said while looking up at him and stroking his penis with both her hands. "I've never seen anything so big and hard. It's almost three times as big as my husbands." Denny reached down and yanked off her glasses, throwing them off to the side on the carpet. "Let your hair down," he ordered. He watched her take her hands off his cock and reach around behind her head, until her hair fell halfway down her back. "That's better," he said, "If your going to talk like a slut, you need to look like a slut." Damn him! His words both angered and excited her even more. She shivered for some reason when he called her a slut and she started to feel strange deep in her womb. Melissa continued telling him how much she loved his cock between sucking on it for about ten minutes before he pulled his dick out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. He pushed her towards the wrong side of the bed and she was just about to make a dive for the gun, when he spun her around. He ran his large calloused hands all over her body and she shivered again as he pinched her nipples. She felt him push her backwards and she fell on the bed. "Please don't do this," she begged, thinking he was about to defile her before she could reach the revolver. She looked over at him in horror and her brows furrowed as he had disappeared. Melissa brought her head up and looked down seeing his broad black face grinning at her from between her legs. Oh my god, she thought, he's going to eat my pussy. Big Al would do this for her for hours if she ordered him to, but he had never seemed to enjoy it or be very good at it, so she rarely bothered. Deputy Brown on the other hand seemed like he couldn't wait to taste her. His strong hands pushed her legs back and she could feel his hot breath on her pussy. He blew on it for a minute teasing her, before she felt his tongue flicker out and touch her labia. Melissa's whole body spasmed at the touch and she moaned in fear and anticipation. Denny ran his tongue from her rectum to her My Big Black Dick

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Black Dick Sluts Cuckold 4 of 17 no less, to a random trucker on the highway, Then came the sordid details of how he loved black cocks and couldn't resist wrapping his pink nails around the girth of a big one while he juiced the cream from one. My my, was all I could say, I didn't know what to do next. Well, Michelle helped me understand the advantage was mine and told me of a particular street corner where Desiree would do well. Off we went and Des's stroll was indeed well practiced. She smiled at the cat calls and appeared confident and eagar at the glances from passerbys.Once at the street corner, it was clear as a bell why it was recomended. For at both corners of the street were obviously gay bars. The men smiled at my sissy and in no time I was approached and asked if she was mine. I grinned at my power and said yes and she's open for takers. With that we were taken down a dark stairwell and introduced to a madam who looked over the brothel Multiracial Relationship Black Monster Cock Sex when she fell. Her nude body was on display for Deputy Brown and her legs were spread, showing him her slit. Scared and humiliated she closed her robe and tried to crawl backwards away from the intruder. She was thinking of the revolver upstairs in the bedoom and how she could get up to it, when he grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. Deputy Brown shoved a video into her hand and simply said, "Go watch it." Melissa was confused and just stood there for a minute looking at the video tape in her hands. The black man just stood still, arms folded across his chest. He didn't seem too threatening, so she calmed down and walked into the living room, inserting the tape into the vcr. Curious, she hit play and sat back to see what was on it. Tears started rolling down her eyes as she saw herself kneeling before Dennis Brown and sucking on his fat cock. She had tried to pretend it hadn't excited her, but the woman on the video was clearly enjoying herself. Of course he had left out the part where he blackmailed her and the parts where she was crying. She saw him tweaking her nipples and the look of pleasure cross her face as he did so. If she listened hard, she could hear herself telling him how much she loved his cock and how much bigger he was then her husband. God, why had she said those things? Big Al would kill her if he ever saw this. She'd be voted out of office and asked to resign off the school board. She was trapped. "You can keep this copy," he said. "I have another at my apartment." "What do you want from me?" "You can start by taking off your robe," he ordered. Reluctantly, Melissa undid her belt and let the robe hang open, before letting it fall to the floor. She had decidied to play along and try to get him up into the bedroom. If she could get the gun, she would be the one in control again. She could then force him to take her back to his apartment and retreive the second copy of the video. By tomorrow, he'd be arrested and no one would believe a criminal. She was also pleased with the reaction she got from him after showing him her body. The first time Big Al had seen her naked was their wedding night. He had gone all weak in the knees and had trouble performing. It was then that she realized, she could control him. The black man seemed just as excited, though he wasn't showing any signs of weakness. Denny felt sweat on his brow as he looked at the incredibly beautiful naked woman standing before him. Her little blonde pussy hairs were neatly trimmed and she had tan marks indicating that she liked to wear a very small bikini. Quite the opposite picture from the conservative woman that covered up her body when in public. The thick black glasses perched on her nose and the elegant way she had done up her long blonde hair in a bun on her head presented an interesting contradiction to her strippers body. She also had a smug self-assured expression on her face that worrried him. "Please Officer," she pleaded, "not down here. Lets go up to the bedroom." The thought of fucking her in Big Al's bed excited Denny and he said, "Lead on." Denny was distracted by her shapely ass, shaking back and forth as he followed her up the stairs. However, the smug look on her face had him alert though and he carefuly unloaded his gun as he walked behind her. They entered the bedroom. It contained a king-sized bed and was elegantly furnished. She tried to lead him over towards the left side of the bed, but he grabbed her and spun her around. Melissa frowned in frustration. The revolver was in a nightstand on the left side of the bed. He was pulling over to the right Mandingo Music Male Cuckold getting plowed by that, I thought. As if in a race, the madam dropped a flag, film cameras came into presence and photographers were at the ready.Each helpless "girl" on stage got right down to business. The whimpers of distress came to many but Des dived right into the meat before him.I was amazed to see him almost deep throat the flacid but hardening sword before his hot pink lips. But the creme de la creme was when the stud muffin behind him spread those pearly white cheeks and drove it home. God, he screamed, but like the whore he proclaimed to be, he proved it, as his body was bouncing back against that black monster to get all he could. For what seemed like eternity, I'm sure to the captive crossdressing bitches, they sucked and fucked the black gods for all they were worth. Not until each stud released a hot stream of cum into their sluts open mouths did the show come to an end. And cum they did, poor sissy Dan's face Blacksonblonds grinned. The fight had gone out of her. She would obey him from now on. He began working the remaining inches in with every couple of thrusts. She was grunting like it hurt her, but her body was pushing back, trying to get it all. Her pussy was also spasming around his cock trying to suck more in. He pulled his entire cock out and then rammed it in burying all twelve inches into her hot wet pussy. She screamed in pain and he could see tears running down her eyes, but incredibly enough she also came again. He had fucked dozens of women and none had taken any more then ten inches. None of them had been able to relax their throats enough to swallow him whole either. Melissa was the perfect woman, in looks and in talent. He held his cock in her without moving, letting her get used to it. She sobbed for a few minutes while her pussy stretched out around his cock. After a while her sobs changed to moans and he heard her whisper, "More please, fuck me more." Denny started to move. He started fucking her, moving only about an inch out of her, then two, then, then three, until he was slowly fucking her with the entire length of his cock. "Harder," she screamed. "Fuck me harder." Denny increased his speed and began fucking her hard and fast. This was the tightest pussy he had ever had and he loved every minute of it. His big balls were slapping against her thighs as he repeatedly slammed his dick into her. She was cumming about once every ten strokes. "Oh I love having your cock in my pussy," she moaned."I am your slut. Fuck your slut with you big cock." Her slutty talk was turning him on and he moaned as his cock began to swell even bigger as he approched orgasm. Melissa sensed he was getting ready to cum and her excitement was bringing on a big orgasm of her own. "Oh yes," she cried. "Cum in my pussy you thieving black bastard. Fill me with your cum." His cock jerked in her pussy and she felt his sperm strike places she didn't even know she had. It brought on her biggest orgasm yet and it lasted as long as his cock continued to pump semen into her pussy, which seemed to last forever. This was the happiest she'd ever been in her life and she passed out from the pleasure. When she awoke, Deputy Brown was finishing putting his uniform back on. She was still handcuffed to the bed, her ass still thrust up. What felt like a gallon of semen was pouring out of her pussy, soaking her thighs and legs. "Thank you," she murmered. Denny didn't say anything for a few minutes. After a while he spoke up, " What did you mean when you called me a theiving black bastard?" "N-nothing, it met nothing." "Come on Melissa," he said. "Tell me or I'll leave you like that for Big Al to find." She feared for her life if Al ever found out she had fucked a black man. "Big Al knows you've been stealing guns and ammo." Denny frowned when he heard that. "What's he up to Melissa?" "H-he has a search warrant and is going to search your apartment tomorrow." "Good girl," he said unlockng the handcuffs. She rubbed her wrists for a couple seconds, before he pulled her up and began kissing her. She resisted for a second before giving in and kissing him back. He played with her nipples and when he'd had enough, he pushed her back. She was looking at him with an expression of awe and adoration on her face. "Call me next time Big Al goes out and leaves you alone," he ordered. She nodded eagerly and he added, "Don't let the judge fill out any more warrants or I'll show everyone the tape and tell them your my accomplice." Her look of adoration turned to fear as he left the room. Sophie Dee Blacks On Blondes and in fact horny. Perhaps we could both find us a couple of studs, after all, his sissy ass wasn't pleasing me. So with his agreement, I would be in total charge and what I said goes, I agreed. The next day we headed out for the sluttiest of merchants and soon had Des decked from head to toe in pure slut wear. Five inch black fuck me pumps, black pantyhose, a corset to give him some curve, fake silicone tits with protruding nipples, a short skin tight hot pink nearly see thru mini and a lovely silk black blouse that showed plenty of his lacy bra. The crowning jewel was a sassy long blonde wig. The saleslady was more than willing to let him change from biker boy to biker slut right there in the store. I knew having him shave, head to toe, before we left was the right idea. All left now was a makeover and nails. Once paid, I took great delight at the ridicule he got strutting down the street to the nearest beauty parlor. For Blacks On Blondes Planetsuzy clit rapidly teasing her pussy lips with flicks of his tongue. He stuck it straight out and rammed it into her pussy remorselessly while holding tight onto her legs to keep her body from flailing around too much. Melissa's eyes were wide as she stared at the ceiling. It was painted blue with white clouds to make it look like the sky. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Having her pussy eatten by the black man felt better then anything she had ever done with Big Al. His tongue felt bigger then her husband's penis and her body was responding to every lick and thrust it. The strange feeling in her womb had spread to her pussy and stomach. It felt like a bomb about to go off and it frightened her. "Please officer," she pleaded, "please stop. Something's happening. It's scaring me." Even as she said it, his tongue was teasing her clit and she was making little circular motions with her pussy around it. Melissa's eyes rolled up in the back of her head and her hands grabbed onto the blanket, squeezing it tight. She held her body still, but it trembled involuntarily. She felt his tongue cup around her clit and then, with one strong thrust of his tongue, her first orgasm burst from her body. Her body spasmed and she thrust her pussy into his face, trying to get his tongue in deeper while screaming, "Noooo, c-can't be h-happening." "Yesss," she murmered thinking she had died and gone to heaven. She flew through the sky her whole body alive with a pleasure that had once been unimaginable to her. After a minute or so, her eyes focused and heaven turned into the painted ceiling of her bedroom. She looked up to see Dennis Brown grinning down at her. She looked at him with a mixture of awe and fear written on her face. Melissa felt a brief moments shame and closed her legs. He ignored her and walked over to the left side of the bed. He laid down on his back and held his twelve inch cock up for her to see. "Come and get it," he said. Melissa was still breathing heavy as she sat up. She turned over onto her knees and crawled over towards his legs, throwing one leg over his so that she straddled him. "You put it in," Denny said letting his cock fall onto his stomach as he released it. Melissa nodded. There was the nightstand containing Big Al's revolver right up by the black man's beefy arm. Oral sex was bad enough, but she couldn't let his penis soil her pussy. Melissa started inching her way forward towards the gun and her salvation. Her wet pussy dripped onto his balls and his pubic hairs tickled her thighs. She moved forward, sliding her slit along inch after inch of his massive black cock. They both moaned together and she knew she could reach the gun as he closed his eyes with pleasure. Melissa was sitting near the end of his cock on his stomach. She lifted her pussy up and leaned forward reaching for the drawer holding the gun. As she did so, her pussy lips parted and slid over the fat head of his cock. Her eyes flew wide as she felt it enter her. She had to get the gun and decided to ignore it for the time being. She pushed her hips back as she opened the drawer and several inches easily entered her wet pussy. I felt wonderful having something so thick and hard in her, she thought as her hand closed around the revolver's handle. She now had the gun and was the one in control again. She could stop whenever she wanted, but Melissa figured a few more inches wouldn't hurt anything. She closed her eyes and moaned, loving every inch. Ok, just one more, she thought. He was in deeper then Big Al had ever been and it was just a little more then half of his incredible
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