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Japanese Black Cock Blacks On Blondes Planetsuzy I was walking down the street the day before my 25th birthday, when a small plain man, with a sour smell about him, walked up to me and said, in a deep voice, "Bob, I have a gift for you and I know your going to like it very much. I know that you're a good guy and that you've only had a few girlfriends and that your fiance ran off on you last spring. I know also that tomorrow is your 25th birthday, so here is your gift." I looked at this man and I knew I had never seen him in my life, for he was so ugly, and smelled so damn bad, I would have remembered him. I started to speak to him, when he handed me a small black box, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, and a sheet of paper. The paper had some hieroglyphics and some writing on it. I looked at the paper and then looked up to ask the man who he was and what this was all about but the man was nowhere to be seen. He was gone as fast as he had come. So I read the paper. It told only how to use the box and said happy birthday to me... Damn this was strange! The paper said that this black box would make any women go horny and would make them have to perform wild sex acts and would make their mind go blank after I turned off the box. They would not remember a thing or know that they had even performed for me. They would only retain a warm sexy feeling, if I chose them to... Yeah right, I thought to myself. I took the box and went home to test it out. When I got home I saw three black women, two around 40 or 45 years old, walking from door to door and talking to people. There was a young girl with them (about 18 or 19 years old, I would guess) and she was very pretty, with light chocolate skin, long, shiny, black hair done up on her head, brown eyes, but no make up at all. Being a white, suburban boy, I can't really say that I have ever thought about black women in a sexual way. I don't think of myself as a bigot or anything. The thought of a black girl had just never entered my mind. It was a hot, humid day and they were all wearing white, cotton dresses, loose and flowing down below their knees. I knew they must be from the Jehovah Witness church in the inner city. I could see one of the women was her mother, as she looked like her daughter, but older, I walked up the sidewalk to my house to go in, when the woman who had to be the mother said, "Hello, we are from the Church of the Holy Redeemer and would like to have a chance to talk to you. May we talk to you for a short time? That is, if you have time?" I was just about to tell them to get lost, when it hit me: This may be a good test of that black box the man had given me. Yes, I would try it on the ladies or, I should say, the younger girl. But how? "Well, I don't have much time," I said to the older one, looking at the severe, astern look on her dark face. "If you don't make it real long, come on in, but remember I am short on time, okay?" As I held the door open, I looked now at the young girl and marveled at how the whites of her eyes were so bright and clear and her face so delicate-looking and pretty. She had, of course, the dark complexion but her lips, though large, were bare of lipstick and soft looking. Her nose was slightly wide and flat but not overly Blacks On Blondes Planetsuzy seductive grin, like the cat that just ate the canary. He told me he was not too happy in his relationship and knew I had the same problems and was thinking maybe we could have some fun together. Told me to think about it and not to fall in love with him. I said I wouldn't. I kept my promise. I didn't fall in love with him, I fell in love with his cock and the magic it created. He came into the bakery one evening and led me back into my bosses room, kissed me once and asked if I would suck his cock. I said yes and a strange kind of excitement coursed through my body just thinking about seeing his black dick. He unzippped his pants and pulled it out of his boxers, it was bigger than any dick I had ever seen and the fact that it was hard and black turned me on. I got down on my knees in front of him and took Marie Luv Cumbang Black Dick Images totally rigid in my shorts. I turned my hand to cup her pussy, beneath her panties, and then, parting her slick, inner lips with my fingertips, I thrust my middle finger up into her sultry, feminine opening. Shauna grunted and wrapped her arms around me tighter as the passion of her kiss increased and our tongues were doing an intense sexual battle with each other. Her insides were hot and tight and slick as could be as I probed deeply into her pussy with my finger and rubbed her clit and her pubic mound with my thumb. She pulled one arm from me and, the next thing I knew, she had thrust a hand down the front of my shorts and was gripping my hard, throbbing cock in her warm grasp. Man, I was excited! I pulled my mouth from her's and abruptly stood to pull my shorts off and fuck her. Shauna's eyes went wide as I pulled my pants down a bit to free my thick, eight inch erection. She sat up and, without a word, leaned forward and took my cock into her open mouth, moaning a kind of a wicked laugh as she did so. "Ahhh!" I gasped as the heat of her mouth engulfed me. Shauna held my cock in one hand and my balls in the other as she sucked and licked me inside of her mouth. I looked down and could see my pale, white cock pressed into that pretty black face, those ample, brown lips clutching around the girth of my shaft. I could see her cheeks implode as she sucked me deeply. I put my moistened fingers to my nose and sniffed the strong, heady scent of her sex as I felt an orgasm begin to build in my loins. Her pussy smelled... just like pussy. Maybe a little stronger than the white girls' I had been with, but her scent was very sexually thrilling. "Shauna," I said breathlessly, "stop or you'll make me cum in your mouth!" The pretty black girl, with my cock in her mouth, looked up at me and then pulled back, grinning. "Do it!" she said, excitedly, "I want to eat your sperm!" Then she opened her mouth and eagerly took my cock in again, sucking and licking and jacking me and kneading my balls for all she was worth, compelling me to lose all control and feed her my ejaculate. I pulled back from her, her mouth making a loud sucking sound as my cock pulled out. I pushed her back in the chair and then reached up the sides of her dark brown legs, causing her white skirt to ride up, and pulled the well-worn, white, cotton panties down her legs and off of her. I noticed that the wet crotch was stained yellow and they were threadbare with a couple of small holes in them. I tossed her panties to the floor and then I spread her legs, dropped to my knees in front of her and, as she looked at me with anticipation, I held my cock and steered it, under the cover of her white dress, into her slimy, steaming slit. As my cock found her opening, I pushed, feeling myself sink slowly into the entrance of her burning hot vagina. "Ohh, baby!" Shauna shouted, lurching her lower body up at me on the chair. "Fuck this horny nigger! Fill me with that white cock!" she screamed at me. I grasped her round hips and pushed between her spread thighs, overwhelmed by the sensations of penetration, until my cock had sunk deeply into her and I could feel my balls against the soft cushions of her ass cheeks on Cuckold Site

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Ebony Ivory Dating Mandingo Definition so bad that I probably would have came if he had touched me in the right place. One day I was standing around not doing too much and he came and told me he had a surprise for me. I followed him back into the stock room and as soon as the door closed behind us he was kissing me, rubbing my breasts through my shirt and carressing my pussy through my jeans. I was really horny and I knew he hadn't brought me back here just to kiss and feel me up. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me with that big black dick of his and I immediatly said yes. I had been thinking about this for about a week and it was finally going to happen. I watched as he reached into his pants and brought out his hard cock. I almost licked my lips in anticipation of feeling it sliding in and out. He told me to bend over onto a pile Mandingo Angela Black Cum Shots okay with Mr. Lewis." She looked at me with a serious expression on her pretty features. "Would you mind?". I said, "No problem at all! When would you like to come back, Miss... Miss... ". "Miss Wilson, Shauna Wilson," Shauna said with a gleam now in her pretty brown eyes. I walked the trio of negro women to the door, the older ones leading the way, and leaned and whispered in Shauna's ear as she passed, smelling a fragrance from her closeness like that of a new kitten, "Maybe we can talk about more than the good book when you come back. What do you think? Come back in fifteen minutes?" The box was still on at the time and she was still acting fidgety, so I was not surprised at all to her answer as she turned in the door and whispered back, "I would love to talk about more. See you in fifteen minutes." After I watched them walk down the street, I turned off the box and went to the kitchen for a drink. I would see, in a few minutes, if the box worked or not, but I did not need to worry, for a quarter-hour later, there was a light knock on the door and when I opened it, there stood Shauna in her white dress. "Hi," I smiled. "Come on in! I was not sure if you would come back alone. I'm sure happy to see you did," I said as I stepped back to let her in. Shauna smiled a puzzled smile and looked down nervously. "I don't know why I came back," she said toward the ground. Then she looked up at me. "We ladies are not supposed to go into houses alone." "Well," I said, "What did your Mom say?" Shauna smiled. "She said that ya'all looked like a nice boy and that maybe I could get the Lord's message through to you. She said that she and Mizz Taylor would be back for me in an hour." I opened the door and had her come to the front room and I asked if she would like for me to take the bible that she was carrying. She handed it to me and I asked if there was anything she would like to drink. "A Pepsi?" she said. I got the Pepsi and thought to myself, this box is really great! I need to get into her pants and see what secrets little black girls hide. I could not wait to see what was under that dress, to see if her pussy was the same as the white girls' I had fucked. I walked back in and handed her the Pepsi and said. "Would you like to sit down and let me feel your pussy?" "What did you say?" Shauna gasped, her eyes going wide as she sat down. Even though her skin was the color of coffee, I could distinctly see her cheeks blush red as she winced in surprise. "May I put my hand up your dress and into your underpants and feel your pussy?" I said calmly. Shauna looked up at me, her head cocked and her hands at her hips now as she rocked, from side to side, in that defiant way only black girls do, and said, "What'chu sayin? Feel ME up? You're one crazy honky! I'm a Christian gal! I am not lettin' any man touch me! Not till I get married." I chucked at her insolent expression as I picked up the box, from the coffee table, and turned it on, watching as her face softened and her arms relaxed at her sides. She then looked at me in a different way. Her eyes seemed to roam up and down my body and settle on the bulge at the front of my white shorts. I said, "You look like Annette Schwartz Blacks On Blondes 14 Inch Black Cock out of pussy, in and out, it felt so good I came all over his cock pretty quick. He had his hands on my hips and was moaning quite a bit, told me he liked it when I came on his dick. I could feel him start to pick up speed as his cock moved faster in and out of my pussy, in and out. He asked me where I wanted for him to shoot his cum and I told him I wanted him to shoot it inside my pussy. He picked up his pace a little more and I could feel his cock swelling, filling my pussy even more. He grabbed onto my hips really hard and rammed his cock in my pussy as far as he possible could and kind of froze. I felt his cum fill my pussy. It was warmer that white guys' cum was and there was a lot more of it. Slowly his cock went soft and he pulled it out of my pussy. It felt like some part of me was missing, and I knew then Porn Pics and white my throbbing shaft looked as it disappeared between the black lips of her pussy, below her dark clit, on each forward thrust. Whenever I pulled back, I could see her wet, pink, inner skin clinging to the base of my cock as if it didn't want it to pull out of her. Shauna closed her eyes and began to wag her head wildly, from side to side, as the sexual energy seemed to build within her curvy body. Her eyes were closed and I could see the sinews in her neck strain and I looked down at her brown, flat belly, seeing the area above her pubic patch rise with each inner thrust of my large, invading cock. Then her stomach muscles tightened visibly and I felt her pussy grip my cock deep within her as her knees rose to my sides. It was a feeling like I had never felt with any woman before. "Holy Jesus!" she lurched under me and screamed as she reached up and pulled me down on top of her, clutching my upper body to her tits while, at the same time her muscled legs wrapped around my ass and gripped my lower body so that my cock was locked deep inside of her. "Ahhhhh!" she screamed in my ear as she came and, even though I was gripped motionless by her surprisingly strong body, I could actually feel the muscled walls of her insides still fucking me, gripping and gripping my cock so hard that I could stand the sensation no more and I began to cum in her, harder than I had ever cum in my life, squirting my spewing sperm directly into this girl's clutching womb as her pussy muscles forcefully milked the ejaculate right out of me! In the sublime rapture of my orgasm, I wrapped my arms around her soft, warm, brown body and squeezed her tightly to me as the two of us were locked in the embrace of an intense, orgasmic union that seemed to last a full minute. When it was done, we relaxed our grip on each other and I just lay atop her, panting into her ear as I listened to her pant into mine and felt my cock slowly shrinking inside of her. When I finally raised my head and looked at her face, she smiled back at me with a pretty, satisfied expression. I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her, aware that all of my sexual energy was now gone. I wouldn't be able to muster another hard-on for, at least, a full week! I scampered up from her and walked to the coffee table. It was time to turn off the black box and return Shauna to her normal, chaste, Christian self. "What's that?" she sat up and asked, as I picked the box up. "Nothing," I replied, watching her sit erect with her knees up and her legs wide apart. I could see my white sperm, flowing out of the pink hole, in the center of the black slit of her pussy, and dripping down her brown ass cheek to the carpet. I was almost ashamed of myself as I turned from her and flipped the switch, turning off the black box. I was afraid now of how she was going to react when the horniness suddenly left her. There was a silence for a moment and then I looked back at her, ready to try and ease her shock and embarrassment. She was still curiously grinning up at me from the floor. "How do you feel?" I asked her. "Great," she replied, squeezing her hard, black nipple. "Do you think you can get that big cock of yours hard for me again?" Inter Racial Porno seductive grin, like the cat that just ate the canary. He told me he was not too happy in his relationship and knew I had the same problems and was thinking maybe we could have some fun together. Told me to think about it and not to fall in love with him. I said I wouldn't. I kept my promise. I didn't fall in love with him, I fell in love with his cock and the magic it created. He came into the bakery one evening and led me back into my bosses room, kissed me once and asked if I would suck his cock. I said yes and a strange kind of excitement coursed through my body just thinking about seeing his black dick. He unzippped his pants and pulled it out of his boxers, it was bigger than any dick I had ever seen and the fact that it was hard and black turned me on. I got down on my knees in front of him and took Blacks On Blondes Planetsuzy the chair and the base of my cock in her bush. Then I pulled back and thrust forward again, my cock thrilling inside of her inner tightness. "Fuck me!" she shouted, panting at me with a frantic, lust- crazed look on her pretty, ebony face. I gripped her hips harder and began to churn my cock into her tight, feminine depths, making her grunt, through her white teeth, with every forward thrust. My cock couldn't take it. She was so hot and tight and the smell of lusty sex was so overpowering. After only ten or so thrusts I could feel my orgasm rise and my cock go harder in her, about to spew its massive sex load. "I'm going to cum!" I shouted. "In my mouth, baby!" she yelled. As my orgasm crested, I squealed and pulled out of her and jumped up. A stream of milky jizm erupted from me and hit the corner of her upper lip as Shauna sat up and pushed my glistening, spurting cock into her mouth. I could feel her suck as my next burst of fertile sperm erupted and shot inside of her mouth and over her wiggling tongue. "Mmmmm," she said as she grabbed my balls and held them as she eagerly nursed on me. I shot again and again as I looked down and watched Shauna suck the cum from me, a string of my pearl-colored sperm clinging and dripping from her soft, brown cheek. "Mmmm," she said again as I heard and felt her swallowing while I emptied the last of my sexual load into her hot mouth. She didn't stop sucking, even when I was done cumming. My cock became so sensitive that I had to pull it back from her. "God, that was good!" I yelled. Shauna looked up at me and smiled. I could see my sperm sticking to her white teeth as her pink tongue appeared and licked it off and then she gathered the spunk from her cheek and steered that onto her tongue as well. "Ohh, you taste so good," she said, smacking her lips and swallowing. "Your cum is sweet, baby!" I laughed and touched the cheek of her cocoa-colored face. I was so drained that I felt like falling to the carpeted floor but Shauna suddenly stood and said, "Now its my turn, honey," as she grasped the hem of her white, cotton dress and pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the floor. She stood before me totally naked now, except for the white sox and shoes. Shauna wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were brown and round and firm. Her nipples were jet black and stood out from her dark areolas. Looking down her lean but curvy, brown, feminine body, my attention was drawn to the small, v-shaped, jet-black patch of coily hair at the juncture of her legs. Shauna's hand gripped over her crotch and I could tell that she was inserting a finger into herself as she bent and parted her thighs lewdly and said, "I want it now! I want that big, white cock, of yours, to satisfy me!" Looking up, I could see she was squeezing and pulling her left nipple with the fingers of her other hand and I could hear the wet sounds of her finger fucking her pussy. As I looked at her face, Shauna was staring back at me with a pleading, yearning expression. I thought, for a moment, about turning off the black box and telling her that I was out of gas but the vision of that beautiful, sexy, ebony body, with its thin waist and wide hips, had my jets still
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